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GNI of locals vs. expats? Why should westerners get paid more than non-westerners? Why should locals get paid more than non-locals? Impact on standard on living and quality of lifeEmiratization? Is it effective to employ Emiratis through affirmative action? What does it do to quality v/ quantity? To what extent is it applied? Should it continue, is it successfulEmirati College drop out? Why more males dropping out? Ease of Access to jobs? Role of wasta? Challenges for `uneducated? women? Reasons for dropping out of higher educationAccess to healthcare and education? How accessible is quality healthcare and education? Why do Emiratis go to Germany for healthcare? Trust of local facilities? Equal access educationCulture diversity? How does it harm/benefit the UAE? Are Emiratis willing to have a multi-cultural society? Changes in Emirati cultureEmirati in public vs. private sector? Emiratization? Which sectors are suitable for emiratis? Why private sectors prefer non-emiratis? Why does private sector prefer students from non-governmental institutions? Why emiratis prefer public sectorsMarriage practices? Impact of late marriages? Cause of divorce rates ? higher in arranged v/ love marriages? How do inter-marriages impact acceptability among population (emirati woman marrying non-emirati v/emirati man marrying non-emirati)? Divorce before wedding ? engagement period? Facilities that emirati woman can have marrying a foreigners? Impact of income on marriage practices and divorce rate? Intermarriage as a threat to cultureInequality in government resources? Level of access for emiratis and locals? Level of distribution to populationRole of oil? Prosperity in different emirates? Oil and modernization, and loss of culture? State of emiratis if demand for oil decreases? Impact on urbanization and infrastructure1- How does demography affect on the behavior of Emiratis?2- What are the main factors from demography that contribute to being an ?Emirati??3- What is the role of the country in terms of demography that maintains the Emirati identity?

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