Annotated Bibliography The

Annotated Bibliography The topic I choose was Iraq and its past and still ongoing problems with the United Nations. The reason I choose this topic as oppose to another topic is war and the United Nations has always fascinated me. With Saddam Hussein still being stubborn with UN weapons inspectors it was incredibly easy to obtain information regarding this topic. The Los Angles Times; California; Feb 12 2000; The newest article I attained was from the February 12 edition of the Los Angles Times. It was entitled Compromise Broached on issue of Arms Inspectors in Iraq. It discussed how Iraq is still refusing to allow the UN weapons inspector into the nation. It also talks about the UN feelings on the chance of inspectors ever being allowed to do their job. Apparently the Vice President has no intention of ever letting the inspectors into the country. Last Thursday he said, There shall be no return of the so-called inspection teams. We reject the infiltration by spies using such cover. In my humble opinion it would make life in Iraq better if the inspectors where just allowed into the country. Most importantly sanctions the UN has placed upon Iraq would be removed. Apparently the really dont care about the sanctions according to their deputy foreign minister Nizar Hamdoun who said they can live without sanctions forever. The UN has a different opinion they believe they cannot. I believe they can, they have done fine up to this point and I think they will continue to do fine. I think Iraq has many things they dont want the UN to know about such as chemical and biological weapons. They are a threat and need to be dealt with accordingly. New York Times; New York; Feb 8, 2000; Barbara Crossette The next article I choose was from the February 8 issue of the New York Times. This article was entitled Iraq Suspected of Secret War Effort. This article sort …

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