Annotated Bibliography

Annotated BibliographyCommunication StrategiesTextbook name: Organizational Communication for Survival (5th Edition)Virginia Peck Richmond (Author), James C. McCroskey (Author), Larry Powell (Author)ISBN-13: 978-0205060344For EACH CHAPTER of our textbook you will identify ONE concept from the reading, ONE book or journal article about this concept, ONE website about this concept, and for each of the sources you will write 8-10 sentences explaining:? Why the source is credible/trustworthy? What the source is about? Make an argument for why the source is a good one for people who want to learn more about the concept you selected.This means the COMPLETE annotated bibliography will have 15 entries, one for each chapter in our textbook. Be clear and accurate in your writing. This is your chance to show that you can conduct research using the library tools and the World Wide Web. If you receive feedback from the instructor you can and should make changes to your work before the next draft is turned in.In this draft you should have complete entries from chapters: 1-15 (you don?t need to include chapter 16)Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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