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Apple came back from near extinction to become one of the most revered technology companies in recent memory. They achieved this status by developing innovative design products and pushing the limits of their marketing prowess. Apple is known for their ability to listen to consumers and revolutionize market segments by providing modern design laden and feature rich alternatives to the target markets. They employ strategies that might contradict normal convention by keeping their prices high to build a brand image of prestige and promote their products through word of mouth. The impact on marketing is hugely noticeable byConsumers Take a Shine to Apple Inc. other companies following suit with store models resembling Apple stores. Key Marketing Issues 1. Identify Trends ? Apple built its business by recognizing trends for the ditial consumer. As Apple products continue to age and become saturated in the market they must look to uncover the next big it? product to brand as their own. 2. War with Competitors ? Apple holds many patents on software and hardware that competitors imitate to bring products to market. With the complicated war between companies Samsung and Apple reaching the masses people start to take sides and demonize Apple. Apple must learn walk the fine line of protecting it?s intellectual property without being seen as the big corporate entity that attacks every other company that tries to enter the market. 3. Innovation ? Apple?s core products have enjoyed largely rave reviews and enormous profits but the target market is starting to feel that Apple products are not as revolutionary as before. Even though the processers and screen quality continue to rise the need to upgrade or buy another version of the same product is waning in consumer?s minds. Apple cannot lose sight of this and continue to explain the benefits of its products to consumers. 4. Remember Customers old and new- Apple is known for superior customer service. They must continue to coddle new customers to build their loyalty without alienating the early adopters and by now seasoned customers. The creative customer service model must be sustained to ensure the competitive advantage is not lost. Personal Case Analysis I learned that Apple is a juggernaut when it comes to their technological products and marketing goals. Apple focuses on the needs of customer?s light years ahead of their competition and even before most consumers have realized they want Apple?s products. Through their innovative marketing involving social media word of mouth Apple Stores they have convinced consumers about the high value of their product even lending to the formation of a Mac cult? for its diehard fans. The way ahead for Apple is not to lose sight of its brand loyalty and continue to service the customers and entice them with the brand?s prestige. Even with the death of Steve Jobs I believe Apple forge ahead to differentiate itself from the markets they are in. Case Questions 1- How has Apple implemented the marketing concept? Apple implemented the marketing concept by focusing on customers? needs through imagination design and innovation creating an emotional brand for its customers. Even though Apple is a technological company it takes a humanistic approach to satisfying the needs of its customers far better than the competition. 2- Describe the role of Apple stores as an important part of it?s marketing strategy? Apple stores allow customers to interact with physical products and discover the companies design language while receiving human interaction to enhance their experience. Customers who come into a store learn firsthand the vast array of Apple products and the ease of connectivity. 3- What will Apple need to do to maintain product innovation and customer loyalty? In order for Apple to maintain it?s product innovation it will have to refrain from complex diversification into other fields and continue to focus on delivering the most superior products to the market. Apple is dominant in refreshing their product lines every couple of years and should update Ipods Imacs and Ipads frequently as processers and designs age. For Apple to continue customer loyalty it must not alienate or diminish support and assistance to their customers. The empathetic company along with its employees is a value added experience to the customers. Conclusions Apple is a dynamic American comeback story. From the brink of obscurity it was saved by the very man which helped create it. Through its growth Apple was able to produce innovative products and bring them to the market with style. The marketing juggernaut focused on the marketing concept always keeping its eyes on the customer. Apple must continue to evolve to changing markets and retool marketing strategies as it competes in key industries Works Cited Moorman Christine Why Apple is great marketer? Forbes”

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