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Paper instructions: As you have learned in your previous courses,Healthy People 2020 (the fourth generation of thisinitiative) identifies health objectives for the nation.Most states have adapted these objectives to theparticular needs of their populations. How well are thepublic health organizations in this country meeting theseobjectives? One way to assess their progress is toreview the data on the Healthy People 2020 Web siteas well as on a state?s counterpart site. To prepare for this assignment: Select one of the focus areas of Healthy People2020 and review the objectives for it at Do a search to find out if your state has adaptedHealthy People 2020 objectives and if your sate hasprovided progress towards meeting its objectives Compare the national goals and review your state?sgoals ( my state is chicago). Please note that wheneverpossible the Healthy People 2020 objectives and datainclude a link to the related information in HealthyPeople 2010, which may include a review of progressmade towards the 2010 objectives. With this in mind, write a one to one-and-half pagepaper addressing the following: Very briefly describe the health problem. In what ways, if any, has the goal been adjusted bythe state? Summarize the current progress that has been madetoward meeting the targets, both nationally and in yourstate. You may use the progress towards the HealthyPeople 2010 objectives if none is available for HealthyPeople 2020 objectives. Summarize also one of the main challenges so far inmeeting any of the targets.

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