Application: Role of the Leader

Application: Role of the LeaderApplication: Role of the Leader Earlier in the course, you were introduced to the complex nature of organizational change. Leading an organization through change is equally complex. Leaders engage in a multitude of roles, shaped by the specific needs of the organization as it undergoes change. For instance, leaders may work to accommodate certain work groups, make strategic decisions, and develop new practices in a short period of time. Leaders may also be charged with facilitating change by guiding the organization through the four phases of organizational change. As you become familiar with the roles of leaders in organizational change, think about the organization that you intend to use for your Final Paper. Think carefully about the leader?s roles in facilitating change and the course of action that the leader might take to effect change. To prepare for this assignment: ? Review Chapters 14, 15 and 16 in Organization Change: Theory and Practice, and Chapter 25 in Leading Organizations: Perspectives for a New Era. Take note of the role of the leader in organizational change and the phases of organizational change. ? Review the articles, The Impact of Presidential Cognition on Institutional Change and What People Really Need from a Change Leader, focusing on characteristics of effective change leaders. ? Think about the organization you intend to use for your Final Paper and identify one change that the organization may experience. ? Consider the overarching role the leader of the organization might have in bringing about this change. ? Think about how the leader facilitates each phase of organizational change. The assignment (2?3 pages): ? Briefly describe the organization you intend to use for your Final Paper. ? Briefly describe one change that may occur in this organization. ? Explain the overarching role of the leader(s) in bringing about the organizational change you described. ? Explain the role of the leader in facilitating each phase of change. Be specific and use examples to illustrate your explanation:

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