Are Creatine Supplements Safer Than Steroids?

Are Creatine Supplements Safer than By Michael Issa English 1302 Clark June 2013 Outline Thesis Even though uninformed individuals state that creatine is as unsafe as creatine should be considered safe because creatine promotes muscle increases brain improves bone reduces sarcopaenia and scientific studies have considered creatine safe through years of testing and Foods Containing Creatine Ever since the times of the ancient our ancestors have been training their bodies and eating meats naturally containing creatine helping them grow Creatine has been recognized as a food ingredient for over one hundred years as a found naturally in various such as and Even though creatine can cause problems in the creatine is considered safe for healthy Years of research have proven It is also unlike Benefits of Creatine Creatine improves overall supports muscular reduces body and improves heart function and blood flow while maintaining a healthy immune Able to increase and the physiological energy costs to produce a given amount of can give a significant boost to both working memory and general Official Approval of Creatine Use Creatine has been officially approved for legal People can use creatine safely as a legal supplement rather than rely on illegal is allowed by

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