Argumentative Synthesis

Argumentative SynthesisDirections:? Please use your textbook to peruse the following chapters and readings.? Once you have checked out each chapter (make sure you read the first page of each chapter), then choose one of the chapters with the two (2) readings.? This choice will represent your TOPIC for the ARGUMENTATIVE SYNTHESIS essay. Please read and write Research Journals for both of the readings that you chose.i. Research Question: Discuss the problems or positives (historically or not) with work in the U.S.2. You will use the two readings from that chapter that will help you narrow your thesis and provide a context for your topic.3. You will begin to research, searching for articles discussing your topic.4. After completing your research, you will create the conversation for your argumentative essay (aka Synthesize)5. After providing the context/synthesis for your essay, you will begin to use your sources as support and refutation to create your argument.Requirements:1. Two sources from your textbookWork:?Wisconsin Power Play? Everybody Hurt? Two sources must be peer reviewed sources3. Two sources are your choice (scholarly or popular) for a total of at least six sources for the argumentative synthesis.4. Your essay must provide a synthesis that includes all six of your sources5. Your essay must provide a debatable, non-inflammatory argument6. Your essay must include support from your sources7. Your essay must include a refutation of at least one source (an opposing side)!

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