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Being a solider in the United States Army everyone follows the Army Core Values. The seven Army values are Loyalty Duty Respect Selfless Service Honor Integrity and Personal Courage. All of the Army core values complement one another. Without the tight bond between them all there would be no army core values. Honor and Loyalty are complimented by respect as you can?t have honor nor loyalty without it. The most important army core value is respect. Respect is all around us all the time; you may not always notice it. From driving grocery shopping and even talking onArmy Core Values the phone respect is all around us. Without respect the other six Army Core Values wouldn?t mean anything alone. Respect is all around us in our daily lives. Without respect even the smallest tasks would not be accomplished and life would be miserable. Respect plays a role in our everyday lives. When we go to school there?s respect. When we go to a restaurant there?s respect. When you go to your family reunion there is respect. You may not notice it but that?s only because they are being respectful to you. If you are not respectful then you will be disrespected. So you should always be respectful to others so they will treat you the way you want to be treated. If you are respectful to others then you can get good jobs because they?ll like you. The better the job is the better your life will be in the future. Jobs will get you money for your great future. So respect can do lots of things that will help us with our future. Respect is ten times easier to lose then it is to gain. Respect can be lost in an instant one word one decision or one action can lose a person their respect. So never stop caring! Respect and Leadership go together. You can?t have one without the other. Therefore it is important to know how to gain respect and to maintain morale with good leadership skills. Respect cannot be demanded it is an asset that has to be earned. From the very childhood kids are taught to respect their parents elders teachers and an unending list of social obligations. But an ambiguity arises when the teachings do no match the practical experiences. Nobody can earn respect by suppression or by flaunting power. It is a deliberate action that cannot be forced upon others. There is an individual form of respect also which is well known as self-respect. If an individual cannot respect himself he cannot respect any other person. A feeling of worth and rational judgment gives rise to self-respect. Self-respect is an essential component for the prosperity of any individual. A person with low self-respect may act as a timid. On the other hand self-respect does not violate the individuality or respect of others. A clear distinction occurs between self-respect and ego. Self-respect is recognition of intrinsic worth. A person works to protect and preserve his self-respect. On the other hand ego can be defined as forceful or aggressive imposition of one?s thoughts or judgments over the others. Hence respect can be called as a behavioral component. A person inadvertently judges the other on the basis of the expressed behavior and qualities possessed by him. Respect is also an expression of accepting a certain trait or set of traits demonstrated by that person. The qualities or traits that we appreciate we tend to respect those who own them. So respecting a person or not comes naturally. Every person has his own standards of judging people. Yet there are certain set of qualities that are common and popular to gain respect in the society. An individual who possess high moral values and shows compassion and solidarity towards other human beings is respected by a large section of society. Then there are other traits like general behavior reaction response and a personal growth etc. All these factors contribute to effectively comprehend the term ?respect?. It is a natural response or reaction towards an individual. To earn respect is a matter of individual integrity and rational behavior. Loyalty is a very broad term which may be applicable in case of one?s family locality or the country. A loyal person is ready to sacrifice even his own life for the sake of his master friend relative or the country. A loyal person bears a moral character honest outlook and disciplined manners. To be a loyal person one must have a high sense of respect and self-respect. Honor Great men and women earned it. They have gone beyond their normal duties to earn this. Honor is never given. When someone goes above and beyond honor is earned. Without respect for others and having a good moral judgment honor would never be earned. In closing the United States Army Core Values all complement each other. Through all seven Army core values Loyalty Duty Respect Selfless Service Honor Integrity and Personal Courage respect is the most single important one to me. Without respect not only would the United States Army be in ciaos the entire world. Growing up everyone knows the phrase Treat others how you want to be treated?. Taking that phrase to heart means a lot to yourself and the others around you. Also being loyal in everything that you do shows the amount of respect you have for yourself and others. Having Honor and discipline shows what kind of true person one is. Without respect one could never have honor and discipline. Everything we do on a daily basis we must show respect. To better ones self in the United States Military always maintaining your military bearing at all times along with the customs and courtesies will further your career. Army leaders honor everyone?s individual worth by treating all people with dignity and respect. Just like honor respect is never given it has to be earned. Respect is hard to get and easy to lose.”

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