Artificial Intelligence in the Near Future

Artificial Intelligence in the Near Future Seirra Brown INF103 Computer Literacy Edward Bakker Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a bunch of robots do everything for run maybe even take care of the children and That sounds like a pretty easy What would you do though if they all turned on suddenly your easy life was made more difficult than There are two sides to Artificial much like there are two sides to every There is a lot to take in when talking about Artificial such as what it how it things that use artificial how do other people feel about how do you feel about and many other So what is Artificial Artificial Intelligence is considered the development of machines such as robots and security systems that do the jobs of They are also able to understand human With this being said in the future robots will be able to do everything humans if not Things that use Artificial Intelligence will be programmed to response to either any voice that speak to or only certain Systems that can only open to a certain voice are most likely going to be used for government while

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