As a child, I was no exception. Three games tha

As a child, I was no exception. Three games that I especially enjoyed were Freeze Tag, Hide and Seek, and Truth or Dare. When I was little I used to play all three of these games, and today I still play Truth or Dare with my friends. Freeze Tag was my favorite game as a child. Its played by picking someone to be the person who has to try to tag you; then you have to run from that person so that they wont tag you. If you happen to get tagged then your frozen, which means you cant move, until someone touches and unfreezes you. If you get tagged three times then you are it and you had to try and tag people. This is how you play Freeze Tag. Though Freeze tag was my favorite childhood game, Hide and Seek was played among my friends and I often. We thought it was a fun game. It is played by picking a person to count; the person counts to ten, while the rest of the people playing hide. The person counting must find the other people, and the first person they find becomes the counter. In addition to, the hours I Spent playing the two games listed above, my friends and I devoted a significant amount of time playing Truth or Dare. My friend and I really enjoyed that game. It is played with five guys and five girls. Everyone is asked Truth or Dare. If the person chooses truth, then they are asked a question in which they are expected to answer truthfully. If the person chooses dare, you have to dare them to perform a task. In conclusion, like the speaker in Blakes poem, fresh thoughts of my childhood come up before me, as I remember these times I spent playing. I still to this day play Truth or Dare, because I think it is a fun game and you never grow out of it, because there is no age limit on the questions one can ask. …

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