As expected, Governor George W. Bush of Texas h

As expected, Governor George W. Bush of Texas has won the Republican Party nomination for the presidential election in November. All along, Bush was the predicted winner for the GOP, but Senator John McCain of Arizona gave the Governor a run for his money. Although Bush was able to defeat him, John McCain was, and still is, the best candidate for the presidency. It was said that the New Hampshire primary is often a good indicator of who will succeed and who will fail in the race for the presidency. Winning this primary gave the McCain team a very positive outlook in the Party nomination race. McCain claimed that he is the best qualified to serve as president, saying that no one matches his credentials as a potential commander in chief. (Journal News, 2/5/00) After New Hampshire, McCain proceeded to win the primary in South Carolina. With all the money and power that the Bush campaign had, blowing a record seventy million dollars, they seemed to be getting a bit worried and were a bit surprised by this outburst of support for McCain. There seemed to be a very strong backing of McCain during the primaries, but this was shown to be false when George W. Bush won every big state on Super Tuesday by an overwhelming margin. The big losses in every state on Super Tuesday completely ended McCains chances for an upset victory over Bush. One of the most surprising things that has come out during the presidential primaries is that in a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll Arizona Senator John McCain continues to beat Vice President Al Gore by double digits in general election match-ups but still trails Texas Governor George W. Bush by double digits for the GOP nomination. (CNN, 2/28/00, p.1) Its confusing that Senator McCain can be beating Vice President Gore by such a large amount yet still trailing Governor Bush by such a large amount. What makes it even more confusing is that Gore has been fa…

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