Assignment 4Virginia Ecologies

Across the United States, one can encounter many different environments and ecosystems. From the northern most states where it is bitterly cold to the southern most states and provinces where tropical weather is the norm, the environment plays a part on what plants, animals, humans and other organisms depend on to survive there.There are a couple environmental influences that affect the local area inhabitants which are biotic factors and abiotic factors. Biotic factors are the living things that can have an effect on a particular area, and abiotic factors involve the non-living influences that affect an area (Strayer University, 2008). Because of the diverse terrain and climate of the United States, these factors are different from area to area. In recent decades, these factors have been slowly changing due to the abiotic effects of global warming on area ecosystems all over the globe. Virginia lies in the eastern temperate forest region of North America. This ecoregion is defined by its mild to moderate humidity levels, the diverse forests of deciduous trees and needle-leaf conifers that inhabit the area, consistent precipitation throughout the year and the diversity of animal and organism species that make their home here (CEC and McGinley, 2008). What makes this state interesting is that it has five different distinct provinces, which allow me to experience different environments all within close proximity. Each province has distinct elevation, soil, terrain and climate factors that contribute to their flora and fauna. From east to west, these include the Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Blue Ridge, Valley and Ridge and finally Appalachian Plateau provinces (William and Mary, 2011). The variety of habitats that have been created by each provinces features has allowed special relationships to form between its inhabitants and encouraged natural communities to thrive. These natural communities spawned many ecosystems that adapted to each

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