Automotive1. In chapters you r

Automotive1. In chapters you read about Fordism. Compare and contrast the two styles of leadership. Detail what Sloanism and Fordism is. (10pts)2. Sloan helped GM weather The Great Depression and WW II better than the other car companies. How did he do that? (10pts)3. On pages 248 ? 251 the author details some of the negatives with Sloanism. Discuss (check for the help you need) them. (10pts)4. List a few reasons why Chrysler fell to last place even though the author credits Chrysler with leading the Big Three in Technology. (5pts)5. Many experts opine that automation has a positive impact on the business, do you agree and why? (10pts)Chapter 156. The unions came up with an approach to bargaining at contract talks. Discuss (check for the help you need) their strategy. (5pts)Chapter 16 revisited7. One could say that the VW Beetle and the Model T were fraternal twins. Defend or dispute that statement in some detail. (5pts)!

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