Awos , History , Advantages and Disadvantages

AWOS is a real need and aid in aviation Elaborate of AWOS with respect to weather reporting and measure to overcome limitations if All living beings live in an environment surrounded by the all changes and phenomena occurred in the atmosphere and in the environment lived in affect all the livings very human being as To be able to minimize the negative effects of the phenomena occurred and to be able to use the results of those phenomena more beneficial for the human it is very important to observe the atmosphere and the From the early stage of the history till date human being have been interested in the and to predict its The weather was so effective and important in their life in the most of the mythologies of several some of the weather events were believed to be done by a special god of each In other they gave the names of the weather phenomena to their God of god of god of god of god of storm were some of the gods believed as a result of the effectiveness of weather it has become more and more important for human being to observe the weather for both

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