Baileys Quest It is not surprising to hear po

Baileys Quest It is not surprising to hear poodle owners describe their poodles with flattering adjectives. These adjectives make the poodle seem just shy of perfection. Poodles are very intelligent and without a doubt one of the best canine companions to ever own. Not only are they intelligent but they are playful and loving. I probably would have never believed that perspective, but it all changed when I met Bailey. Bailey is a six month old Teacup Poodle. She has a curly, fluffy crme coat with highlights of apricot on the tips of her shaggy ears. There is also a little trace of the apricot on her back that adds to her personality. With eyes that have a tint of rootbeer brown, which defines her puppy dog looks. When Bailey decides which toy she wants to play with she knows where to find it. She has a dark brown wooden basket that contains all her toys. Within the clutter of toy is a once white, dingy, and beaten little stuffed bunny. This bunny has decorative pink hearts in the middle of its floppy ears. Bailey received the bunny when she first left her mother at the young age of eight weeks. The bunny is scented with her mothers odor and helped comfort her when she felt lonely. That may be the reason why the bunny is the only toy she continually plays with. Bailey clenches the bunnys floppy ear shook it vigorously as she growls and snarls at the bunny as it sways lifelessly. Bailey became Feichko2 frustrated when the bunny became caught in-between her skimpy little legs and she fell over. She attacked the bunny as if it had tripped her. Bailey grips the bunny by the ear once again and whips it to the right, then the left, and back and forth until she became all in tangle with the bunny under her once again. By now Bailey is furious with the devilish bunny and leaves it lying helplessly on the soft beige carpet. She starts her way out of the living room but whips her head around to make sure t…

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