Beethoven Keep your eyes on him; some day he

Beethoven Keep your eyes on him; some day he will give the world something to talk aboutWolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Orga 27). Beethoven was considered the greatest composer who ever lived, but all the truths lie deep inside his music. Beethovens symphonies were extraordinary. His innovative style was unheard of throughout the world during his time. There are three major symphonies that take beyond the Immortal Beloved referring to Beethoven, to his grave. Well-written and magnificent in the ears of every person who appreciated Beethovens works of art. Symphonies numbers 3, 5, and 9 were probably the best symphonies ever composed by a human being. Beethovens technique was unique in creating slow to fast tempos during the beginning of every piece. Each of his pieces had a meaning behind it. The mood of the music will tell it all just by listening to the joyous harmony each instrument played and the excitement whenever the tempo moved to a faster beat. Symphony number three in B-flat major, Op.55 titled Eroica was then the largest symphony at the time, and the first great symphony of the 19th century. In 1798, General Bernadotte, the French ambassador to Austria, suggested to Beethoven that he might write a symphony in honor of Napoleon. So Beethoven agreed to write the symphony for the great commander. But on May 18th, 1804, Napoleon crowned himself Emperor, and upon hearing the news Beethoven tore the title page in half, screaming that Napoleon would become a greater tyrant than anyone! (Orga 85). When the symphony was finally published, it was listed as a Heroic symphony, composed to celebrate the memory of fallen soldiers. The Eroica is important because it was Beethoven’s first truly Romantic composition. Symphony No.3 uses a wide variety of tonality and the use of themes and motifs. The Eroica is almost twice as long as any earlier sympho…

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