Begian Water Treatment Market

Begian Water Treatment MarketMust include the following for the water treatment business in Belgium:-Market Demand Study -Determine how you will price your product by developing a pricing strategy. For this portion of your final project, paper you will need to pick a price and pricing strategy and explain why this is the correct strategy for this market based on your research. ? Supply Chain Management -discuss the supply chain management structure for your product by addressing the following questions:-How will you get your product to the final consumer? How will you build your transportation structure? How will you handle insurance and payments? Will you need intermediaries to handle some parts of the supply chain or will you keep it in house? ? Based on your research, do a short write up of your distribution channel. What partners would you need? Are there any special considerations to take into account? Remember to address transportation and retail aspects. -Government and Regulatory Concerns ? Are there any government regulations that may affect your business? Look at both the home country from which you export and the foreign country which you will import to. How will these regulations add to your cost? -Finalize your business plan with a three-year financial projection. Include your assumptions about revenue growth and sales. Make sure to calculate the return on investment.:

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