Belonging Essay – Swallow the Air/ Goldie

are essential to finding a true sense of Discuss with reference to your prescribed text and ONE related text of your Belonging is the feeling of acceptance and inclusion when there is a sense of security and support to a certain group or Relationships are an essential factor that may either or limit ones sense of This essay will give reference to the and the by Tara June Winch is a novel featuring the May and her quest to find Throughout the series of interconnected May feels as though she belongs with many her mother June With June ending her life within the first there are many metaphors signifying petals and softened and The jacaranda tree is signifying kindred The relationship that May has with is which is why within the there are many metaphors reminding May of her The relationship with May and June enriches sense of however the death limits Goldie is a song by Australian songwriter Paris Throughout the it features and her journey through isolation and sexual Unlike the Goldie feels isolated within a violent relatives ignore her relatively all the said she bumped in chairs and fell down stair to keep her into As Wells

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