Best Practice Models of HRM & Strategy

Practice Models of HRM Strategy A Coursework Resource Submitted Chandrakanta Subedi Submitted PETER LEI Faculty of Management International Business Academy In partial fulfillment of the requirement of Human Resource Management for the Degree of Master of Business Coventry University April 2013 Word 3364 Hypothesis Best Practice Models of HRM and Strategy are universalistic in nature and assert that regardless of context or internal there is one best way of managing human resources if will lead to better organizational Literature Review Traditional practice of human resource management is known as personnel management is believed as workforce centered and more focused in Managers would recruit employees and carry out administrative tasks according to management requirement and act as a bridge between employee and and as a result they were as a functional specialists rather than strategic managers and often had little power status in the organization In traditional model and concept of HRM employees are mean to be resources from 1900 to This concept moved further to orientation between 1935 to where the employees needs are Furthermore between 1970 to 1990 HRM has been transformed into leadership style to match the needs of The latest concept of HRM since 1990 has considered

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