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biodiversityCollege BiologyPaper detailsIn this writing assignment, the student will expand on the discussion on ?Newly Discovered Species? and explain why the presence of such biodiversity on Earth isimportant for all organisms, including humans. There are thousands of species on this Earth and exploring the great amount of differences in organisms will set thebasis for the next module on how all these organisms can work together in an ecosystem.Read the article: Biello, D. (2012). ?How biodiversity keeps earth alive.? Scientific American. After completing the reading, write a short essay on the following: Discuss four reasons biodiversity is beneficial for other organisms. Be sure toprovide at least two academic references in your essay.Be sure to structure your essay to include an introductory paragraph, paragraphs discussing your answers to the questions asked, and a conclusion paragraph. Submityour file as a .rtf or .doc document into the Dropbox.!

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