Biographical research of the composer: George Gershwin.

Biographical research of the composer: George Gershwin. Bibliography research of the composer George Gershwin. Write about his musical life. Information must go beyond what the class website covers (I would link the website below). For example: Did he come from a musical family? Did he have formal schooling/training in music? Did he find stable employment in music? Do not spend time discussing information not related to music ? i.e. did the composer have illegitimate children, extra ? marital affairs, etc.?Bibliography is not required, however, you cannot use an entire sentence as a stand-alone quote, you must paraphrase or you must cite it when you quote directly from the sources, otherwise it is plagiarism.You must use one of the resources from The New Grove dictionary of music and musicians/edited by Stanley Sadie, or, The New Grove dictionary of American music/edited by H. Wiley Hitchcock and Stanley Sadie. ( See attachment for more information).:

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