Black Elk?s vision

Black Elk?s vision Question: Black Elk?s vision exposes the reader to a general view of a Lakota world-view, philosophy, religion and man?s/woman?s place in the universe. Many of the expected versions of the American Indian/Native American are covered by texts like, Whiteman?s Indian, Rethinking Michigan Indian History and many of the resources found in the folders and galleries. The premise is that Black Elk?s vision is an example of the unexpected Indian. The question is how does the unexpected change your understanding of the expected, not as a negation, but as a way of understanding the validity of both the expected and the unexpected. What does the unexpected teach you about critical thinking, the power of subliminal messaging, and the value of learning how to distinguish the invented Indian from the flesh-and-blood Indian, at least in a very rudimentary way?:

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