Black Men Missing Strayer University

I attended a production called Black Men Missing at my church on Sunday February 24, 2013. The production cast consisted of members of my church and other churches in the surrounding area. The ages of the cast members ranged from twelve to sixty five. There were many people who attended the event who were members and also friends of the church. The play was done in honor of black history month. Upon arriving at the church, I was very excited and eager to see what the play would entail. I knew most of the cast members because they were from the youth department that I work with in the church. Many of them it would be their first time acting, and I was so excited for them. As the time of the play grew closer, the church began to get full. Many of the audience members were parents of the youth and youth departments from other churches. The play opened with three men on stage giving a brief synopsis of what the play would be about. After their speech, the curtains opened and the play started. The play began with a mother

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