Book review guidelines for MARTIN LUTHER BY MARTIN MARTY

Book review guidelines for MARTIN LUTHER BY MARTIN MARTYIncrease your knowledge of major historical figurr, and to measure your ability to provide in depth analysis of selected historical topics. The purpose of a book review is not simply to prove that you read the book.Begin by summarizing the key events in the life of Martin Luther. Recommended length. 2 pagesNext discuss three major topics example-Luther and his fatherLuther and his attitudes towards womenLuther and his attitude towards Jews.Luther as a debaterLuther and his views on politicsThis should be about 3-4 pages long.The attitude of Martin Marty reflects the attitude of most Americans of his generation. His approach is relentlessly middle of the road, with his goal to take a balanced approach to evaluating Luther. what are the benefits of that approach? Are there any drawbacks?

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