Brad Chapman 09/29/99 Creative Writing Block 3

Brad Chapman 09/29/99 Creative Writing Block 3 Interior Monologue Here he comes, my wearer! Oh who am I fooling? He never chooses us. After all, the Doc Martins are his favorite, and why shouldnt they be, its the newest trend..blah blah blah! Why would ANYONE choose me, Im all faded, a sad sort of red, not to mention the warn-out sole of my left-sided counterpart. Wait, whats this? Hes picking me up, I cant believe it, hes picking me up. Hes picking MEEE up! Hes putting me down. Ooh, hes picking me back up again! Look at me, Doc Martins. HA! You evil shoes, you devil’s footwear! Na-na-na-na-na! My days in the dark are over, and the glorious days of basking in the sun are just beginning! Now you get to sit at home, all day, all dusty, all alone, with no one to talk to! Now you shall know the pain and suffering that Ive come to bear. Oh the memory is still so fresh in my mind. Painful moments in the foreground of my mind, beating me, every moment of everyday like a hammer into wood. God knows why he ever even considered buying me in the first place. I can still remember the day, he walked in, his face beaming as a cherubescent angel, and there we were sitting on the third shelf of that second hand clothing store; he walked right over to us, picked us up and tried us on. We fit like a glove. Perfect, just what he was looking for! But God knows why he liked us so, I mean did he like us so much that he would just let us sit here, only to be worn once every other eternity. If this is what he does to just what he was looking for I wonder what what he wasnt looking for is. But why should I complain, today is my lucky day. Oh here I go! Slipping, Oops caught on the heel! There, fixed. Hes lacing me up! It has been so long, since I have known to learn this feeling, I long for these days! Finally, my pain and suffering are over! See there, my left-sided counterpart is all laced up and…

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