Brave New World In all civilizations th

Brave New World In all civilizations there are elements which undergo changes over long periods of time as well as innovation. In Brave New World by Alduous Huxley, one sees a satirical view of the human race six hundred years A.F. (after Ford). Using three main characters, Lenina, Bernard, and John the author ridicules the modern day attitudes toward death, relationships between the sexes, and child rearing. Through this sci-fi satire one can see the true effects of a utopia and all the human race would have to give up in order to have no feelings and no problems. A utopia may appear to be an ideal place to live, however, the things one would have to give up to achieve utopia are far more valuable than the utopia itself. Throughout the novel the author criticizes many modern day practices, ideas, and beliefs. One of the ideas that is evident throughout the novel is a fictitious attitude towards death. At a very young age in the novel children are taught to have no feelings towards death. They are taught that death is a very pleasant and natural thing that they will all experience around the age of sixty. Also, at the hospital, children are given candy at the mention of death. Through conditioning the hospital eliminates the painful emotions of grief and loss that often accompany death. In our society we understand that death is an every day natural occurrence, yet we are able to identify with the painful emotions that accompany losing a loved one. By being conditioned to have no emotions towards death they do not value the life that preceded the death and therefore lose the meaning of life. A second element within the novel is the relationships between the sexes. Lenina and Bernard live in a world in which promiscuity is a virtue and monogamous relationships are discouraged. They are taught at a young age that everyone belongs to everyone else(Huxley). Women and men who have a somewhat long relationship with one p…

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