Budget Deficit in Vietnam from 2008 – 2012

TABLE OF CONTENT Definition and Current Situation in Vietnam3 is budget deficit3 Definition3 How to measure3 the budget deficit in Viet Nam for the latest 5 years4 Factors influencing budget deficit in Vietnam4 State Budget Revenue4 tax rate4 from unsustainable non tax resources5 State Budget Spending6 public spending continuously6 spread public investment6 investment efficiency from the SOE sector7 Impact of Budget Deficit to Macroeconomic Variables in Theory and Practice8 Inflation8 Interest rate8 Trade balance exchange rate9 Economic Growth10 Recommendations for budget deficit in Vietnam10 Accurate number of budget deficit10 Healthy and active budget deficit to ensure the sustainability of the budget11 Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance should be coordinated in determining priority11 Establish a mechanism for the provision of transparency and policy expectations and accountability of agency policy11 Reformed tax system12 Better management in SOE activities12 FIGURES TABLES13 REFERENCE15 THE BUDGET DEFICIT IN VIETNAM FOR THE LATEST 5 YEARS Macroeconomic Report 2012 titled macroeconomic instability to released by the National Economic Committee in September 2012 announced that state budget deficit and public debts have increased rapidly for more than a the average state budget deficit repayments for original in the 2003 2007 period was only percent of but

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