Bush Vs. Gore My plans help real Americans at

Bush Vs. Gore My plans help real Americans at every stage of their lives. From birth through the retirement years, I have a plan to improve education, lower taxes, strengthen Social Security, and provide healthcare, said Bush. In the 2000 presidential election, George Bush and Al Gore will be running against each other and they have set many goals for our country, but Bushs goals seem more reliable. Bushs overall strategy for the stabilization of our nation will give our future the hope it needs. First, Bush plans to focus on education for all children. Reading plays a major role in all schools; therefore, he wants to promote reading and also donate five billion dollars to make sure every child can read by the third grade (Issues, par. 8). He would like for parents to be able to transfer their children to another school if they are failing. Teacher quality could also be improved by him providing two billion dollars to train our teachers, especially in math and science (par. 8). Violence has also played a major role in schools all across the country; thus, he wants to improve school safety by requiring all schools to ratify a zero-tolerance policy on not only violence but also classroom disruption (par. 8). Of all the bills we pay in life, medical costs are the most unpredictable and can be the most expensive. I have a plan to help, stated Bush. Health care is a problem for some citizens; as a result, Bush plans to help. He plans to start off by giving seniors more options, consisting of coverage for yearly physicals, and eye, hearing, and dental care. Bush also wishes to provide seniors with a prescription drug advantage as well as instant support for drug coverage. Providing patients with a bill of rights is also a part of his plan along with providing admittance to health care for the uninsured and underserved. Now is the time to reform the tax code and share some of the surplus with the peo…

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