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Business Airways GlobalProject descriptionPropose a pricing objective and a pricing strategy for AirWays Global based on the information gathered from the following:? scenario? The understanding of the competition? The likely attitude of the Frequent Flyer Program members at the time of the eventsUsing online resources complement your understanding of the competitive environment (one paragraph).In addition, propose a pricing strategy that AirWays should follow. Explain why AirWays should follow your pricing strategy. Justify your pricing strategy using appropriate examples and reasoning.-Propose a pricing strategy that AirWays should follow (one paragraph).-Explained why AirWays should follow your pricing strategy (one paragraph).-Justify your pricing strategy using appropriate examples and reasoning.scenarioAirWays Global, a US commercial airline, is experiencing marketing problems three years after 9/11. While the industry as a whole is on the path to recovery, after three years of uncertainty and decreasing profitability, the airline is still having problems implementing effective customer retention policies. Customer confidence appears to be waning, as indicated by a 20 percent drop in AirWays?s Frequent Flyer Reward Program membership. Preliminary research data indicates that the most profitable ?Business Traveler? segment is quickly losing customers. Additionally, industry labor and fuel costs have been rising every year since 2001.AirWays?s executives are worried that the bad press the company is getting will aggravate labor union representatives and send the wrong signals to Wall Street?s investors. The newly hired chief marketing officer (CMO) admits that marketing is critical to the company?s ability to move forward profitability. Her confidence has been compounded by the recent implementation of a customer relationship management (CRM) system as part of an overall revamping of the company?s marketing information system (MIS). The CMO believes this technology is the centerpiece of AirWays?s future success.!

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