Business Analytics: Unit 1: Descriptive

Business Analytics: Unit 1: Descriptive Statistics and Mathematical Foundations Part I: Pie Chart & Bar Graph This information regards T-100 Domestic Markets boarding information during the previous year for the top seven airlines in the United Sates. According to the data Southwest Airlines boarded 81.1 million; Delta Airlines, 79.4 million; American Airlines, 72.6 million; United Airlines, 56.3 million; Northwest Airlines, 43.3 million; U.S. Airways, 37.8 million, and Continental Airlines, 31.5 million (KU, 2014). This is ungrouped data that needs to be grouped into a pie chart and a bar graph. The bar graph and pie chart both lists nonmetric (qualitative) descriptive statistics. The descriptive statistics are called, ordinal statistics which rank each airline from highest to lowest or lowest to highest annual boarding information (Black, 2012). The pie chart and bar graph summarizes the top seven airlines previous years boarding data. First, I will discuss the pie chart. The pie chart below shows the percentage breakdown of each airlines annual boarding information. Each of the breakdowns represents the magnitude of the whole pie chart in percentages (Black, 2012). As you will notice that the leaders in the airline industry is Southwest and Delta

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