Business Capstone

Business Capstone? Summary Statement of Research Plan and Annotated Bibliography (15%) Each project requires a research plan and annotated bibliography to help guide the research. The plan must outline the purpose and methodology of any research that will be undertaken. The annotated bibliography will provide a summary of major secondary sources of research. Secondary research must be from peer reviewed scholarly sources or broadly recognized industry sources. Blogs, opinions and personal web pages will not be accepted as credible secondary research. If in doubt, please ask. ? Summary Statement and Abstract ? The summary focuses on the purpose and objectives of the research project ? This section MUST provide a scope of the research project ? Provide an overview of the project you are undertaking and the benefits it should provide an organization? Project Justification ? A brief summary of the problem or opportunity, potential solutions, and outcomes? Goals and Objectives ? What are the goals and objectives of the project NOT the solution ? Why are you undertaking this project? ? What benefits might this project deliver to a client organization? Procedures and Methods ? Describe your research methodology ? What data and information will you require for your project ? What are your sources of information ? Include these in the annotated bibliography ? What primary research will need to be conducted ? How will this information be gathered ? How will the information be validated and evaluated? Schedule ? Develop a schedule for all research activities ? These steps and activities should be included in the project plan:

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