Business Comunication

Business ComunicationDelores Mendoza, Assistant Supervisor or Accounts Receivable, filed two complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission alleging that she was discriminated against when she was denied a promotion to supervisor and that management retaliated against her by lowering her performance evaluation.Dade County has contracted with 3020 Corporation for assistance in this matter. Your task is to review the report filed by the field investigator and assess the strength of her complaints and management?s justification for its actions. Your report should include a recommendation as to whether Dade County should contest the complaint before the EEOC and what long-term actions should be taken by Dade County to avoid a reoccurrence of this type of problem.Your report, depending on what your recommend, may be included with the documents forwarded to the EEOC. Consequently, the report should be written in a formal style and must not exceed two to three pages. It should be single spaced (double spaced between paragraphs) with a visually pleasing use of heads, subheads, and bullets where appropriate. The report will be submitted as a memo report directly to the Dade County Legal Department. No prefatory or supplementary parts are required.!

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