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Imagine you have been allocated $100,000 which is to be invested in 8 companies listed on theAustralian Stock Exchange (ASX). You are required to have a balanced portfolio between sharesof companies from two different sectors i.e., mining, industrial, etc. ? the balance may be based 9on the dollar amount of your investment, or the number of companies invested under eachcategory.Your imaginary investment must commence no later than Monday 20 August 2012. You willneed to record the name of each company that you invest in, the number of shares acquired onthat date, and the amount of money invested in each company up to the total amount of $100,000.You can ?acquire? your shares any time up until Monday 20 August 2012. For the requirementsof this assignment, ignore brokerage expenses and taxes.The shares that you have acquired will be treated as being sold on Friday 5 Oct 2012.prepare a report on each company in which you have invested. Your report should include the following:? Full name of each company in your portfolio? Period of Investment (Date of ?acquisition? and Date of sale? Dollar amount invested and number of shares acquired in each company? A review of each company within your portfolio. This should include movements inshare prices during the investment period (including plot of the share prices) and anyother additional information which is relevant to each company, e.g. matters related topotential or actual takeovers or other matters of commercial interest. Plot the dailymovements in share prices of each of your investment companies based on the acquisitionprice of your shares listed on the A.S.X.? The financial year you have selected for beta analysis, which may be the financial yearend of 2010 OR 2011 or both, if required to compare with your calculated beta.? The beta coefficient for ONE of the companies from each sector of your choice (ie, ONEof industrial companies AND ONE of the mining companies you have selected in thefinancial year you have selected), together with an interpretation of these coefficients.? Analysis of portfolio risk and return (depending on your requirement to complete theassignment).? A summary of how financially successful your investment was over the period takinginto account your purchase price for each investment compared to the selling price foreach investment, your gain or loss on each investment, and your gain or loss overall, i.e.the gain or loss on your portfolio. Included in your summary you must show whichclassification of investment offered a greater return ? ie, Industrial shares or Mining 10shares. Considering the concepts of risk and return, in which classification of shareswould you prefer to invest in the future?

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