BUSINESS STRATEGYTEXTBOOKSCoulter m ? strategic management 2nd edition [ Prentice Hall, 2001] ISBN 0130400068Lynch R ? Corporate strategy [Prentice Hall, 199] ISBN0273643037ANALYSE HOW THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT IS CONSIDERED IN STRATEGY FORMULATION:1.1 Explain strategic context and terminology ? missions, visions, objectives, goals, core competencies1.2 Review the issues involved in strategic planning for Apple?s business scenario. [As a business analyst identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions for Apple and focus its targets; when to plan; who should be involved]1.3 Explain different planning techniques that Apple can use. You may consider BCG growth-share matrix; directional policy matrices; SPACE, PIMS. [Apply appropriate method/techniques for Apple either BCG growth-share matrix or SPACE or PIMS]UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS OF STRATEGY PLANNING;2.1 Produce an organisational audit for Apple. You should consider using SWOT analysis; product positions; value-chain analysis to conduct the audit for Apple.2.2 Carry out an environmental audit for Apple, Should use PESTLE AND Porter?s 5 forces analysis for the environmental audit. [Explain Apple?s present strategy and communicate appropriate solution and focus on Porter?s 5 forces analysis]2.3 Explain significance of stakeholder analysis for AppleEXAMINE APPROACHES TO STRATEGY EVALUATION AND SELCTION;3.1 Analyse possible alternative strategies relating to substantive growth, limited growth or retrenchment for Apple [as a business analyst consider the alternatives appropriateness and take responsibility for managing and organizing activities for Apple]3.2 select an appropriate future strategy for AppleANALYSE HOW STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION IS REALIZED;4.1 Compare the roles and responsibility for strategy implementation for Apple business4.2 Evaluate resources requirements to implement a new strategy for Apple [recommend from your position to demonstrate creative thinking for Apple new strategy]4.3 Discuss targets and timescales for achievement for Apple business to monitor a given strategy!

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