Business to Business Marketing Project report

Business to Business Marketing Project reportOrder DescriptionSelect an organization, which has been decided? The Boeing Company (Boeing) having a strong B2B marketing orientation. Identify the B2B marketing approach the organisation is currently adopting. Critically evaluate the organisation?s current B2B marketing strategies and identify any weaknesses in its strategic approach. Provide suggestions/recommendations for effective B2B strategies for better performance of the organisation.ContentThe complete report must be typed, with double spacing and in the vicinity of 4,000 words in length. Each assignment must include:? Executive summary? Introduction and background of the organisation? The B2B marketing approach followed by the organisation? The current B2B marketing strategies pursued by the organisation? The effectiveness of the current strategies (800 words) (according to section The current B2B marketing strategies pursued by the organization above)? Conclusion, recommendations and limitations? References and bibliographyThe main tasks of the project report are to:? Identify an organisation that you believe may have some background in the application of B2B marketing theories in its operations.? Provide a brief background of the organisation, including its goals and objectives, and explore the nature of the B2B marketing the organisation is currently involved in.? Analyse the current B2B marketing strategies of the organisation (in the four areas of product, price, promotion and distribution; and others).? Comment on the effectiveness of the current strategies and identify any inadequacy in the strategies.? Conclude your report and make recommendations for appropriate B2B marketing strategies that the organisation should pursue.

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