Buyer Behaviour Analysis ? The Psychology of Buying

Buyer Behaviour Analysis ? The Psychology of BuyingCritically evaluate how consumer motivation(700words), perceptions(700words), learning(700 words) and attitude formation (700 words)could influence purchasing (including emotional drivers) of your chosen product. In addition to taking a broad view you will need to refine your analysis to consider a specific example.The assignment is to be presented in a format of a Business Report.Students from the International Marketing MBA Programme should choose a company from the Car Retailing sector.* Critically evaluate* Consider a specific example?choose a brand& type of car* a company from car retailing sector ( manufacture, dealership)* More about the person than the brand( marketing)* Buying process, motivation(need?awareness-info search?evaluation )* Use some model to support idea( can use ?Maslow? in motivation.!

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