C427 Cross-Cultural Communication Study Guide

C427 Study Guide Five dimensions of global cultural flows Scapes help us to define our imagined worlds produced by flows of and guest workers the machinery and plant flows produces by multinational and national corporations and government agencies food produced by the rapid flows of money in the currency markets and stock exchanges the repertoires of images and the flows which are produces and distributed by and film linked to flows of images that are associated with state or counter state movement which are comprised of elements of the Western Enlightenment images of welfare rights High and low context EDWARD HALL High and low context communication refers to the fact that when people they take for granted how much the listener knows about the subject under In the listener knows very little and must be told practically In the listener is already and does not need to be given much background and Arab cultures and Swiss NEED EXAMPLES GEERT HOFSTEDE There are mental programs developed in childhood and that are reinforced by our One mental program reinforced is and that video was insulting and Cultural distance collectivism and masculinity avoidance identity based on social children think in terms of harmony

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