Can you imagine been a parent and knowing the yo

Can you imagine been a parent and knowing the you will never see you kid alive because some one decided to have to much to drink and then trying to drive. In the USthere were 41,471 traffic deaths in 1998 and 15,935 deaths were caused by drunk drivers. There were 1,393 traffic deaths in Illinois alone. 599 deaths caused by people who tried to drive when they were drunk. Statistics show that an alcohol related death happens every 32 minutes and every 2 min theres an alcohol related injury. 2 out of 5 people will be in an alcohol related crash in there lifetime The BAC level in Illinois is .08 if you caught driving while your blood alcohol content is higher then .08 you loose you license for a minimum of one year, you could serve a year in prison and have a fine of 1,000 dollars if your caught again you loose you license for three years you could go to jail for two years, a fine of 1,000 and ten days of community service for the third time you would loose you license for 6 years 3 years in jail a fine of 10,000 dollars and 30 days community service. In 1980 an organization called M.A.D.D Mothers Against Drunk Drivers was started by jnnifer lewis when her 12 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver in California they try to make the government to change the alcohol lever from .08 to .04 a couple of years later a high school coach started another organization called S.A.D.D students against drunk driving after two of his hokey players were killed by a drunk driver after practice. They teach students to not drive if they have been drinking and not to let anyone drive if someone has had to much to drink so basically they try to teach students responsibilities. Drinking and driving has the leading rate for deaths for traffic deaths. People dont realize how bad of a problem it is until some one you care for dies. …

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