Capital Punishment Capital punishment is

Capital Punishment Capital punishment is an extremely controversial issue in todays society. Many Americans support it and, in turn, many also appose it tremendously. Those who appose capital punishment, in general, think that the death penalty is an inhuman and unfair punishment. Their argument is supported by the fact that many criminals claim innocence up until the day of their executions. Those who support capital punishment believe that the people who are on death row and incapable of retribution and deserve the ultimate punishment for their wrong doings. The fight between the moralities of capital punishment is also used to support and oppose the view of both sides. Capital punishment is one public issue that a person is either in favor of or against-no in-between. I read two articles addressing this issue: one that opposed and one that supported. Each article gave sufficient arguments to why they believed in the form of punishment that they did. The first article entitled Tough-on-Crime governors raise capital punishment questions strictly opposed capital punishment. The author, Scott Lindlaw, made this article extremely unique by simply stating several facts that helped to fight his position of opposing the death penalty as an appropriate form of capital punishment. It claimed that capital punishment was under renewed national scrutiny, and the curious thing was that it was not the big Democratic governors in cutting edge states that were out in front of the scrutinizing. This article listed the ways that recent, mainly Republican, governors had, in some way or another, blocked capital punishment or proclaimed it as unethical. It tried to convince the reader that capital punishment was wrong because more and more influential people were seemingly turning against it. This article stated that capital punishment should not be used except in cases of definite, unquestionable proclaimed crim…

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