Career competence 1. Create one professional goal using the SMART go Essay Help

1. Create one professional goal using the SMART goal setting techniques you learned in Week Two. How did the results of the Career Interest Profiler and Career Plan Building Activity on Competencies contribute to your professional goal development? One career goal would be to finish getting my degree here at the University of Phoenix. By doing this not only will I have a degree but I will know what it takes and what?s necessary when it comes to starting my own business. Once I?ve increased my knowledge of the business tip I will have the ability toCareer competence maximize in my career. 2. Describe how you will balance academic expectations and your personal and professional responsibilities. I will balance academic expectations and my personal and professional responsibilities by following my weekly schedule. My schedule helps me manage my time so I won?t procrastinate too much or spend too much time doing extra-curricular activities. I also scheduled free time because personal problems can develop at any given time that way I can see to my personal problems as well. 3. How can understanding the importance of SMART criteria and your career interests and competencies help you move toward your career and academic goals? By applying these rules of SMART I know exactly what is required of me to complete my goals. SMART criteria removes any unnecessary directions that is not needed in accomplishing your goal which makes it more realistic. I think that goals are much easier to achieve when you?re using SMART criteria”

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