Case Study legal elements

Case Study legal elementsOrder DescriptionAs much as higher education administrators may work to reduce the number of perilous incidents on their campuses, incidents happen, and often without any warning. Moreover, higher education administrators must be prepared to respond to such incidents in a timely, adequate, and ethical and legal manner.For this assignment, students will select a specific case from the textbook (A Legal Guide for Student Affairs Professionals 2nd ed). The case study will describe the details of a specific incident on a college campus. I will upload the the case study as an additional file. The case to be studied is the last paragraph on pg. 110 (Prairie View A&M University of Texas v. Mitchell), it continues on pg. 111.You are asked to discuss:What are the ethical elements of this case?What are the legal elements of this case?As the primary administrator responsible for this area/scenario in question:What are the short term recommendations?What are the long term recommendations?Prepare a written memorandum that addresses the instructions and questions of the case study.To complete this assignment, it is expected that you use material beyond the course material.The case study memorandum should:? Be written from an analytical and objective point of view? Address the instructions of the case study? Address the questions of the case study? Be 7 to 10 pages (the page length does not include cover page, references, or appendix)? Follow APA format? Include a reference list that follows APA format

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