Case Study on Corporate Social Responsibility

Pfizer Health Awareness Programme is a series of initiatives on important health issues such as obesity and cardiovascular which aims to help people take responsibility for their health and ultimately lead longer and healthier The company Pfizer Limited in the UK is part of Pfizer a global pharmaceutical company which and markets innovative medicines for humans and Pfizer employs over people worldwide in more than 120 Of work in the in five operating divisions covering pharmaceutical consumer and animal In Pfizer UK invested over on human medicinal mission is to become the valued to its business partners and the communities where it works and To this end Pfizer encourages its employees to understand its corporate values and apply them in their working These values respect for customer respect for the community in which it and case study focuses on Awareness in the which provides initiatives to improve health by helping them to take personal responsibility for their The Programme also aims to reduce health drivers The corporate scandals of Enron and had a profound effect on thinking on corporate The company realised that it needed to formalise its approach to CSR and meet public concerns and expectations that major corporations

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