Case Study on McDonalds

Case Study on McDonaldsCase Study on McDonalds (Use case study layout)Question: A McJob can develop your future in different careers other than FLIPPING BURGERSTitle pageContents pageIntroductionLiterature Review? HR Theory- the differences in approaches used in HR (Soft and hard) use comparisons of models in HR? Use current theories to make comparisons with old with examples of other case studies? Use current statistics to back up theories found (statistics for example top 10 companies progression rates in comparison to McDonalds progression rates)? Theory on training and development (can include other countries)? Theory on performance management? Theory on motivation (motivation versus total reward, can motivation improve the progression of a company?)? Statistics on success rates of completion of training and development (find out how many have gone onto other careers?)Main BodyA general overview of how McD?s develops you and what careers are open to you?McDonalds performance management in comparison to theory found, this should be done for training and development, also motivation.Critical analysis

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