Case study Otis toy and Trail frash chassis

Toy Trains Explores the Supply Chain The value proposition of Otis Toy Trains of Minneapolis is to offer well evocative and luxurious toy trains and their accessories to and senior The traits for its critical customers are mainly two the critical age generally range from 35 to 55 from the 1960s to the the critical customers should have fairly high income to afford buying and collecting luxurious toy The toy trains have many order such as its high brand recognition among critical its attractive and evocative train series due to those experienced designers and its wide selection of related Otis Toy Trains still has some order For the Otis Toy critical customers are so narrow adult born from the 1960s to the and the toy trains do not have much attractiveness among other it is hard to expand market and easy to lose In the Otis Toy Trains does not have a method to efficiently produce and deliver its toy trains to which means the cost of production and delivery is relatively As a I will highly recommend the Otis Toy Trains to accept the proposal because it can cut about half of the manufacturing and the outsourcing will also

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