Case Study: When Hackers Turn to Blackmail

Case When Hackers Turn to Blackmail introduction of Sunnylake hospital case The use of information technology in business presents major security poses serious ethical and affects society in significant the computer crime is a growing threat to society and is caused by the criminal or irresponsible actions of individuals who are taking advantage of the widespread use and vulnerability of computers and the Internet and other It presents a major challenge to the and survival of most business Once Sunnylake Hospital was a backwater community care while the CEO of Sunnylake had come to the hospital five years the situation of Sunnylake Hospital Because he introduced technology to the small Paul was convinced that Sunnylake could grow only if it shook off outdated habits and and that switching from paper records to electronic medical records would improve the quality of care for the After a careful search Paul had hired an earnest young man named Jacob Dale to be director of and the two had worked to execute his success of the EMR initiative had transformed the hospital to a a role model for small hospitals One day Paul received an illiterate extortion from an unknown but he did not

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