Cell phones How have they changed us socially?

Polytechnic University of the Philippines OFFICE OF THE FOR PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT Manila UNIVERSITY RESEARCH AGENDA After more than a the Polytechnic University of the Philippines continues to perform a significant role in and it remains steadfast in its resolve to participate in the national and global academic The current university with Emanuel De Guzman at the strengthens and highlights even further the role of the University in the production of important information and ideas as aptly reflected in the vision of becoming an EPISTEMIC In this the University adopts a and realizable University Research Agenda meant and calculated to unify the direction and framework of the research activities of the align the research efforts of the University with the thrust and priorities of the National government such as the Department of Science and Technology the National Economic and Development Agency Commission on Higher Education and and generate scientific speculative and theoretical paradigms which are expected to drive moral and technological The University Research Agenda is categorized into five general to security and poverty accelerating infrastructure competitive industry and social and cultural and protection and rehabilitation of the environment towards sustainable 1 SECURITY AND POVERTY REDUCTION This research theme addresses

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