Challanges in Public Administration in Uganda

Makerere University College of Business and Management Sciences 2012 MBA YEAR II Public Sector Administration and Management MBS8118 Presented by Francis Patrick Makayi Task Using your understanding of the knowledge of Public what are the major challenges facing the public What prescriptions would you offer to address the Professor Basheka List of Acronyms Human Immunodeficiency Virus Kampala City Council Authority Local Council Local Government National Social Security Fund Universal Primary Education Universal Secondary Education Abstract World the actions and failures of Public Administrators are easily noticed in all avenues of One can say with confidence that for whatever is seen in life as there is a public administrator who is not efficiently and effectively performing his It is with knowledge of this statement that the details in this article are This article outlines the areas of challenge in terms of Public administration in Uganda as a Public services have been criticized for being and overshadowed by a general sense that something is definitely not There is evidence of poor administrative and service provision to the citizens of coupled with the ever increasing number of districts and a bloated cabinet account which form a major part of public let alone a

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