CHALLENGES OF RETAINING SKILLED THE CASE OF ERITREAN PUBLIC SECTOR Mussie Tessema and Alex ABSTRACT This article uses the public sector in the nation of Eritrea to illustrate how the problem of brain drain poses severe challenges to developing Following its analysis of the views of 313 Eritrean public the article comes to the conclusion that deteriorating economic lack of good governance and political instability are the major causes of the brain drain in developing On that the article suggests some policy implications as well as frontiers for possible future INTRODUCTION Every whether or needs people through whom to conduct its Public in are judged by the performance of their human As Ingraham and Kneedler activities are typically highly personnel having and committed public servants is cardinal for the success of public developing countries have a severe shortage of highly skilled public According to a recent a number of DCs are facing a severe shortage of qualified personnel due to the brain drain in Cohen and notes government must train four officers to retain one for a long period of serious retention is reaching alarming must be addressed must be to change and improve the management and utilization of trained

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