change from a domestic to an international organisation

change from a domestic to an international organisation1.Typically, the change from a domestic to an international organisation is handled as a simple extension of the existing strategy into new markets.AnswerTrueFalse1 pointsQuestion 21.Because the focus of change for global social change organisations (GSCOs) is their environment:Answera. there is little need for OD interventions for internal developmentb. members are often oblivious to the need for internal developmentc. they are less concerned with internal efficienciesd. members are more conscious of societal changes.1 pointsQuestion 31.Integrated strategic change attempts to balance organisation change and human resource issues with strategic and marketplace issues.AnswerTrueFalse1 pointsQuestion 41.Three key roles help to explain how change within an existing network occurs. They are:Answera. leaders, salesmen, and managersb. executives, mavens, and informal leadersc. salespeople, mavens, and connectorsd. mavens, connectors, and executives1 pointsQuestion 51.In the initial establishment of a network, potential members are identified in the convention stage.AnswerTrueFalseOrder for your custom written PAPER now!

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